My studio practice is always evolving and morphing. I have, over the last 4 decades been a ceramic artist, illustrator, textile designer, painter, and jewelry maker. I carry a bit of all these disciplines with me in my daily work. There are probably a few more dusty skills that I have long since forgotten but at the heart of it, why I create is almost always about a few simple things. To try to convey beauty and communicate honest intention with a healthy dose of humor.

My fairly recent jump into working with polymer comes after leaving my mural and decorative painting business of 25 years. Going from enormous scale work to the more precious scale that is usually associated with polymer has been the largest hurdle for me but I am getting the hang of it. My knees and back thank me but my eyes are a little cranky these days.

Simply put, I am a maker and I hope to record my maker thoughts clearly in this forum and share them with you. I whole heartedly invite you to add your own impressions into what I hope will be a stimulating and ongoing discussion.

Thank you…Donna