Polymer comes to Pratt Institute.

After almost a year of planning and re-planning then planning some more, I’m pleased to announce my new course, at my alma mater, Pratt Institute. ‘POLYMER CLAY for the ARTIST: An Introduction to Techniques and Design’ will be the first program of it’s kind at Pratt in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies and my first time working on campus since I was a student 40 years ago. Unlike most workshops and classes taught in polymer, this course will be run as a mini foundation art course, and will focus on a wide range of basic techniques, processes and design theories for those students new to the medium.  Artists and prospective students working in sculpture, illustration, jewelry, interior design as well as the fine crafts will find polymer offers many exciting applications to their own work.  Classes will be taught on the main Brooklyn Campus and will run is a series of 4 weekly classes starting  Oct. 4, 2015.   Hope to see you there!                                           For more information on the program please go to the Mixed Media section in the brochure at :


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2 thoughts on “Polymer comes to Pratt Institute.

  1. donna, exciting news, glad to know its happening at last! Congratulations and i hope its a brilliant success. (of course, it will be!) Writing also to let you know I think I caught a wee typo in the text, below. Did you mean to say “artists and perspective students”?! K Kathryn Corbin Brown-Corbin Fine Art 40 Laurel Drive Lincoln, MA 01773 Home/Office: 781-259-1210 Mobile: 617-513-6241



    1. LOL Thanks Kathryn! Thinking about art school must have switched my brain to perspective instead of prospective.Both words are applicable to the artist, but indeed, you caught the discrepancy.


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