“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again.” Jerome Kern*

Up From the Well

By Donna Greenberg

Moving back to the city of my birth after 58 years has prompted an unforeseen desire in me to ‘start all over again’. It seems to have pushed some hidden button that has made me want to reexamine things that I thought were done and gone. Most unexpectedly, in my own artwork. This will be the first in a series of blog posts concerning my recent forays into reaching backwards to push my work forward. Welcome and thank you for visiting “ Up From the Well.”

After 3 intense years of making thousands of pieces of jewelry for my business, ( I kid you not, just check my Flickr page ) I was feeling burned out on the whole notion of ‘wearable’ art. I love jewelry making, but I had been spending so much time thinking about chains, and findings and bracelet mandrels etc, that I began…

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One thought on ““Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, start all over again.” Jerome Kern*

  1. Hi Donna, I am really looking forward to reading your ponderings! I often need to remind myself to PLAY and the other day, in the spirit of play, actually made a life size figure (not polymer, more like a Nepali well-dressed scarecrow)who watched me from outside and reminds me to not take things so seriously when I get bogged down. Your creations sing of your spirit and, as I said, I look forward to reading your notes from the journey! Wendy Moore


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